Why Do Cats Like Catnip So Much?

As our friends or companions, we care about the wellbeing of our beloved cats, and many of us have asked questions such as "Is milk bad for cats? What about catnip? Is catnip bad for cats?" Those of us that have domesticated cats may or may not have heard of or used catnip, or catnip products for our cats. Catnip (Nepeta) is a member of the mint family that is otherwise known by different names including Catrup, Cataria, Cats Wort, Catmint, etc. Many of us are aware that it has an extremely stimulating effect on cats.

What You Need To Know About Catnip

A hallucinogen that can affect about half of cats (whether domesticated or wild, like cheetahs, lions and tigers), catnip can leave cats exhibiting a range of behaviors; cats have different responses to catnip. Some little cat paws are sexually stimulated by the herb, leaving many cat owners to assume that catnip is probably an aphrodisiac for cats. Upon sniffing catnip, other cats can also get aggressive, while others will just become playful or active for the whole 5 to 10 minutes that catnip is in their olfactory system. On the other hand, catnip can work as a sedative when eaten, and cats are said to eat the herb in order to bruise it and release more of its active ingredient, nepetalactone, into the air. Cats that respond to catnip even those that are unable to smell can still be affected by nepetalactone. Mice and rats are said to detest catnip, and are said to avoid the herb.

Is Catnip Safe For My Cat?

In terms of effects, catnip has been compared to marijuana, LSD and "magic mushrooms". However, while the herb has proven to be a very effective stimulant that can leave about half of cats going gaga, many experts say that all things considered, cats are safe from overdosing on catnip. The reason for this is that cats are able to tell if or when they have had enough of the "drug", and cats that have had enough are likely to turn down more of it, even when the herb is shoved in their face. 

Is Milk Bad for Cats?

Cats that are a few days or weeks old (kittens) feed from the milk coming from their mothers mammary glands. Calves, which are also mammals, are the same way. Given this fact, does it follow that milk is good for cats? Many experts beg to disagree when asked is milk good for cats. In fact, many say that if a cat were to live off of milk alone, this cat is likely to die. Apart from the fact that a lot of cats are unable to tolerate the lactose in milk, milk is said to have very little value to cats in terms of nutrition, and it is not essential to give cats any milk, for them to stay strong and healthy.


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